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“Poetry is the mother genre—the foundation upon which [students] build excellence in every genre..through reading and writing poetry, they figure out what matters, explore it, try to make sense of it, endeavor to change it, and help themselves begin to live lives of worth.”

—Nancie Atwell, ROW 2010 Teacher of the Year, Edgecomb, Maine
Bay Area educator resources

We have found these online resources to be useful complements to our own Watershed Explorer Educator’s Guide. If you know of local resources we should add to the list, please contact us! (Looking for more general resources? Here are our favorites.)

General information
An Introduction to the San Francisco Estuary (PDF)
Forty-page booklet on life in the San Francisco Bay Delta Estuary; joint project of the San Francisco Estuary Project, Save the Bay, and the San Francisco Estuary Institute.
San Francisco Estuary Partnership
Extensive background information on Bay/Delta Estuary; 2008 State of the Estuary report.
Oakland Museum’s Guide to San Francisco Bay Area Creeks
Includes downloadable maps (GIS versions, too!), creek finder tools, ecological information, and more.
Friends of Five Creeks
Natural history of local East Bay creeks, current monitoring data on the health of individual creeks, great archive of historical creek maps, list creek walks and volunteer clean-up projects.
The Watershed Project
Background info on watersheds, local programs. and projects.
Urban Creeks Council
Information about threats to local creeks, restoration projects, riparian plants, and more.
US Environmental Protection Agency “Surf Your Watershed"
Type in a ZIP code and get current information about the state of your local watershed.
The Bay Institute
Excellent overview of San Francisco Bay and Delta.
Save the Bay
Free, downloadable watershed curricula for grades 4-12; tied to state standards.

Individual creeks
Alameda Creek Alliance
San Leandro Creek
San Pablo Creek
Sausal Creek
Ecology Center
Information about projects for individual creeks.